^ 4Uman Interviews: Men in Violence Counseling Talk about their Experiences
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1. Which experience or which consideration was decisive in making you seek out counseling?

A: "In my relationship the point was that I kept reacting the same way; wanting my peace and quiet. Quiet! Enough is enough!
If it continued in this way, and it usually did continue, then I started slugging. This wasn't always the case, but it happened again and again. I'm not proud of it.
I'm looking for a direction, a path that I can work towards in such relationships, particularly in a loving relationship, where I no longer have to be violent. I am very lucky that my girlfriend is still with me and also that no greater harm was done ..."

B: "The constant confrontations are taking their toll on me. At work, I can barely form a clear thought. Our children are also suffering because of it."

C: "I'm constantly worked up about things at the moment: whether it's the state of the apartment or because my wife is never home in the evenings, because she spends so much time with her sick mother. It got so bad that I hit her in the face. After that, she stayed away from home for four days. I have to do something, otherwise she'll leave me."

D: "Recently, when I was with my wife at a friend's party, I totally lost it. An acquaintance spent the entire evening jokingly flirting with my wife. I couldn't stand being stuck as the third wheel. When we got home, I gave her a piece of my mind and afterward I beat her. Now she's disappeared."

E: "My girlfriend ran away with my three kids to a women's shelter. Whatever happens, I want them back."

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