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2. What did you learn during the first weeks?

A: "Since my first appointment here, there have been no new incidences of physical violence."

B: "I now understand that I neglected my wife. Violence is not a means to solve conflicts. I also recognize that my wife and my children need time to work through what took place. If I change my behavior, perhaps they'll come back."

C: "I could never express myself verbally during disputes. Now I know that I have to say more about myself, rather than always making accusations about my girlfriend. I learned that I don't always have to be right. At the same time, I recognize that I need to talk about the things that bother me and not let them eat away at me."

D: "I've learned that I'm not the center of the world. In life, there are also other people aside from me who need affection. I need to discuss things that trouble me, and not suppress them."

E: "I'm extremely jealous and that often led to my losing control. Finally, I get it that I don't 'own' my wife. My strong sense of mistrust has changed into trust. Now, it would mean a lot if she could be with me again."

F: "It's important to find words about how I feel."

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