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5. Who or what did you previously blame for your violent behavior?

A: "There was something in my childhood, in my youth. But I don't wish to use this as an excuse. I alone carry the responsibility for my actions. I am old enough and have to behave in such a way that I keep a grip on things."

B: "Above all, I blamed my girlfriend, because she constantly irritated me. Now I know that I alone carry the responsibility for my violent behavior. I'm the one who struck out, no one else."

C: "I blamed the problems. Even alcohol, sometimes, if I had been drinking. I realize that the problems were the conditions which triggered how I reacted. However, what I do is my own responsibility."

D: "I blamed her mother or the mess in the apartment. I also blamed my wife, because she had so little time for me. Somewhere along the line, I decided to beat her. I did it. And I'm responsible for it."

E: "I blamed my wife, my acquaintance and myself. Through the discussions, I've realized that I am responsible for my violent actions. I would love to undo everything and have my wife back with me again."

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