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We hope to receive further reports from other counseling centers by e-mail.
We ask participants to submit answers to the following questions:

1) Which experience or which consideration was decisive in making you seek counseling?

2) What did you learn during the first weeks?

3) Did you experience a sudden insight in counseling?

4) If you were to recommend participation in violence counseling to another man, what reasons would you propose?

5) Who or what did you previously blame for your violent behavior? And what made it possible for you yourself to take responsibility?

6) What do you do differently now, when you argue with a woman?
Which violence avoidance techniques that have proven effective do you use today?

7) Do you believe that you now have a better take on yourself, that you are more aware of yourself? Could you give an example?

These questions do not have to be answered completely, but are designed as a stimulus as to how participants can share their experiences with other men!
Please send replies to Perincioli@SphinxMedien.de or fax them to
+49-30-2189409, so that we can integrate the answers into the website.
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