She annoys meIt's annoying when I come home from work and she's not there. Sometimes she even brings her girlfriends home with her.

A few times around the block to grab some air – I think that would be better than slapping her around.

ChildhoodMy father beat me regularly. Such things have consequences.

Lots of men have been victims of violence, but have never hit the women in their lives.

AlcoholWe had a fight. To cool off I went to a bar. When I came home, I must have been so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing.

Maybe you'll have more luck with that – alcohol is seen as decreasing the level of guilt.

StressA coworker snatched a project away from me that I had been working on. It's so unfair that he got away with it.

Did you start a fight about it with your coworker – or with your wife?

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