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  Standing Up for What's Right


If a woman is being harassed or assaulted, you don't look away but

  • intervene.
  • tell the assaulter that you find this way of coming on to someone repulsive.

If it becomes dangerous,

  • speak to bystanders, get help.
  • Offer protection to the victim (for example, open the car or apartment door).
  • Talk to the offender about what you see and what conclusions you've drawn from it.

Generally, an abuser will blame others. Point out that he can't solve this problem alone. That there's no shame in him getting professional counseling – but certainly a disgrace if he continue to assert himself with violence against those who are weaker.

Only after an abuser sees that his behavior

  • is a criminal offence,
  • that it isn't tolerated by coworkers, neighbors and friends,
will he wish to change, perhaps by seeking a counseling center.

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