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J. Keith Miller, Compelled to Control: Recovering Intimacy in Broken Relationships, 1997
A hidden urge to dominate is often what breaks down professional or personal relationships – the wish to always keep people and situations under one's own control. Miller describes how this illness gradually takes hold and creates addiction, and he offers suggestions how it can be cured.

Donald G. Dutton, Ph.D., The Batterer – A Psychological Profile, New York 1995
A pioneer with 20 years of experience in therapy for offenders traces the cause of violent acts by men to the shameful experiences of the boy with his father.

Neil Jacobson and John Gottman, When Men Batter Women, New York 1998
Over a 10-year period, two professors of psychology observed 63 particularly violent couples using video and measured the heartbeat and skin resistance of the men during the fights. They discovered two categories of offenders: pitbulls and cobras. The two psychologists, who have been researching couples for 20 years, see the possibilities of therapy as limited and they propose theses which could be a point of contention for German counselors and therapists.

Abstraktion from "When Men Batter Women"

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