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  Argument or Violence?


"At the hotel you always meet
the weirdest people, who we
never get off our backs."He feels most secure when
his partner doesn’t know
anyone besides him. Isolation
is a form of violence.
"I slave the whole year for you,
now I want something for me."He says what he wants.
This is a good basis for
"Then I’ll close off the joint
account." He gives her money and takes it
away. He exerts power and control through money.
"But we went to the beach
just last year."Although a conflict of interests exists, a compromise is not impossible.
"You want to go on your own?
You’ll never manage it!"He belittles her, undermines her
confidence: psychological abuse.
He slams the doors and leaves
the house.
If an argument becomes so heated
that somebody gets hurt (verbally,
later perhaps physically), it is a
good idea to change location until
feelings cool down.
Persisting with a confrontation
under the threat of violence is
not brave; it’s irresponsible.