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  Violence Counseling for Men:
How It Works

How it works


Who can
  Individual counselingApproximately six consultations as
crisis intervention:
  • Initial violence avoidance techniques
  • Reconstruction of events
  • Costs-benefits analysis

CostsBetween 5 and 25 euros
per session, depending on
the level of state subsidies
provided to the counseling

DurationApproximately 20 group
sessions in six months.
Habits which were built up
over years, and which often
run their course unconsciously,
need to be broken down.
Additional sessions may be necessary.

GroupsAfter the individual counseling, men join the group, where one theme per session is discussed:
The handling of various types of stress, expected roles, aggression, etc.
The group practices constructive arguments, prevents excuse-making, reduces isolation and stimulates the powers of
Counseling centers