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  Violence Counseling for Men:
Who Can Participate

How it works


Who can
  Who?Men who carry out violence against women or who fear that they could become violent, and who wish to change their behavior.
Men in crisis situations,
like a separation / divorce.

ContractIf, after an informational talk, a man decides to participate, he obliges himself by contract to:
  • Regular attendance, on time and drug-free
  • The utmost honesty in regard to his acts of violence
  • Discretion towards third parties in regard to the personal issues of group members

Court ordered
counselingMore and more judges are requiring participation in behavioral training programs as a condition for probationary sentences or dismissal of a lawsuit.

Voluntary decisionEncouragement from a police officer, lawyer, doctor, therapist, friend or colleague can give a violent man the strength to get himself some help – before he commits a crime.
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